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Be Happy Pop-Open Cards
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Wonderfully bright Be Happy pop-open cards contain messages of inspiration and joy. Open a card whenever you need a reminder that kindness is all around you, or share them and offer a ray of sunshine to brighten someone's day. Lidded box with 30 pop-open cards!Message samples:"Treasure this day, ..
Your best friend means the world to you. She is there for you anytime. She can make you smile when you're feeling sad, she listens when you need to rant and laughing together is the best feeling.  "I hope we're friends until we die...Then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls s..
This super cool little preserving jar packed full of Hershey's Kisses is great to send for any occasion. The best part is your personalised note is printed on the label of the jar! Like a homemade jar or preserved kisses.   Gift box contains: 95g Hershey's Kisses in a ..
A birthday surprise party in a box! To celebrate their special day they'll indulge in a massive Triple Choc Fudge cookie and read the coolest little book of delightful ideas you're never too old to do. Dance til dawn, ride a tandem bike, write a bestseller and have champagne for breakfast!..
It's the perfect little addition to brighten up any space. This tiny Happy Dog Faux Succulent will have you thinking it's a real plant with such lifelike leaves.2in H x 2.5in diameter..
Good friends needs cheer up gifts. Every now and then we all need a little cheering up. If it is a work colleague who's off sick, a friend going through a tough break-up or a new mum with struggles a little gift like these Happy Pills will cheer them up. It's the first aid of happiness and..
It really is the little things in life that make us appreciate our caring friends. Tiny faux hedgehog succulent with the heartfelt sentiment 'It's The Little Things' Combined with a coin purse 'Friends Like You Are Precious And Few'...
When you pop-open our beautifully designed Love cards, you'll be delighted to read the timeless messages that will capture your heart or someone special. These cards make the perfect little surprise for someone to find or open a card when you need to remember just what love can do.Lidded box with 30..
If someone you know needs a little luck on their side then this is the perfect surprise gift. Lucky Little Fox is a lucky charm to watch over them and bring good luck in a fun keepsake box.         ..
Not a great gardener and need a little luck? Or, simply a gnome lover then this Lucky Little Gnome charm will delight and bring joy. Packaged in a fun keepsake box. ..
A Lucky Little Whale just waiting to surprise someone in the best way possible! So tiny and adorable it will melt their heart! Packaged in a fun keepsake box. ..
'Be Sweet Stand Tall' and don't we all need to hear that from time to time! To read this heartfelt sentiment is a great way to start any day. Perfect gift to send someone who needs a little reminder how great they are...
It's time to bottle up your feelings but in a good way! We'll type up your message of love on a shimmery paper scroll, tie it, pop it in a bottle, cork it and send it. A fantastic way to get someone's attention.    ..
Imagine their joy and delight when opening this little Happygram. This tiny and super cute Unicorn Faux Succulent with a heartfelt message 'Don't Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle'. 2in H x 2.5in diameter..
A little book so full of positive and inspiring quotes it will spur action and energy! When someone needs a high five and to remember they are so awesome this Happygram will do it!    You Are So Awesome Book of uplifting quotes and 2 x matching penc..
In a world where we need more positive encouragement and kindness, this gift does both for kids! A wonderful surprise tucked into a lunchbox, a sports bag or for a teacher to give to their students. Share good feelings and build self-esteem with the sentiments inside this spirited set. The back of e..
'You Make The World A Better Place' has to be one of the best compliments you can give someone. Imagine sending this gift to a dedicated teacher, a caring nurse or your loving Mum or Nana. A lasting gift to be a reminder of the difference they make to you.'You Make The World A Better Place' is ..
Every little card popped opened shows an uplifting message letting them know without a doubt they matter. This beautifully designed little box with 30 different messages is a unique gift that will delight your receiver. Lidded box with 30 pop-open cards!Message samples:"You have an inner light, a..
You're Amazing for Kids pop-open cards are brilliant for encouraging messages of kindness. Tuck one into a lunch box, a pocket, or a backpack, and let each hidden message add delight to their day. Share good feelings and build self-esteem with the sentiments inside this spirited set. The back of eac..
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