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About Us

About Us

Do you love the thought of brightening someone’s day?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to give them a little something in the post to put a smile on their face and let them know you are thinking of them?

Here at Happygram we help you do just that. Select your gift, type your personal message & we will print, package and post!

Our Story

Hi, I am Amanda, mother of two, grandmother of three and the proud owner of Happygram!

I've always been one to really enjoy giving little gifts. One would say Gifts are my 'Love Language". The time and thought put into this I have since found out is really an art. Realising others want to do the same thing is how Happygram was born, catching the eye of Next Magazine & some local celebrates. 

As the owner, I'm excited to continue spreading Happygram's range of little surprises & delights for you, your family, friends & work colleagues.

Our Philosophy

We truly believe it shouldn't cost the earth to send someone a surprise gift. Those of us with big, giving hearts don’t always need big budgets! So that is why we are adamant that Happygram will provide unique, yet affordable treats of happiness.

Our passion is to fill hearts with joy and positivity and to give people the means to do that. Often we want to reach out to others, but aren't quite sure how. Happygram makes it easy for you to connect with people and to spread joy and happiness, specially in this unprecedented time we are in.

We love that feeling of making someone else feel good.  Even more, we love that we can give you the opportunity to feel that way too. Missing your family due to lockdown? Reach out and and stay-connected, sent them a little gift of joy.

The modern day Telegram, send a Happygram! Join our mailing list now to stay on top of the surprises we have in store for you. Be the first to know about our new and unique gifts and the great ways you can brighten the days.