Ever wonder how you can show the important people in your life just how important they are to you? Here is a quick and easy way how to show you care about them.

How to show you care

Most people will say that you don’t need to use large gestures to show that important person in your life that you care. A simple hug will usually suffice. 

But what do you do when hundreds of miles separate you from a loved one? With today’s economy, people are moving more than ever before. Lifelong friends want a change from city living. Your parents want to retire by the beach. You still want to show them you care, but that simple gesture is no longer as easy to give. 

Enter your gift-giving service, Happygram. Now you can send a simple encouraging message to your friend right before their big job interview. With Happygram you can easily show your loved one how much you care about them, even when the miles separate you.

Why is it important to show you care 

The old adage, it is more important to give than to receive still rings true today. As shown in this article, Why We Enjoy Giving, science proves that the selfless act of giving a gift leaves both the giver and the receiver feeling better. So, if you have a loved one that you want to cheer up, cheer on, or just let them know you care then send them a small gift today.

How to show someone they are important 

So, now that we know it is important to show your loved ones you care, how can we do it? Here are 4 simple ways how you can show someone they are important to you using Happygrams:

1.    Want to cheer your deskmate up after they lost out on a big promotion? Send this super cute box of “Happy pills.” No one can resist a few M&M’s to cheer them up.

2.    Did your best friend move away due to their job relocating? Send this precious Bestie book filled with quotes that will tell your bestie just how much they mean to you. Plus it comes with a gorgeous matching gold pen. She will think of you every time she uses it!

3.    Need to send some positive energy to your sister miles away? Then this inspiring book, You are Awesome, is just the antidote she needs. It is filled with quotes that will energize and inspire her to action. Plus it comes with two engraved pens that say “You are Awesome” on them!

4.    You don’t need a special occasion to send this Message in a Bottle! Show just how much you care about that special person in your life by sending your message in this cute bottle. It will be a treasure they will want to save. Plus they will think of you and smile each time they see it.

If you are looking for more ways to see how to show you care, check out the amazing gifts in our shop.