I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of matching a good gift to someone special. I love the planning and prepping but I can appreciate that many others find this stressful and wouldn’t entertain the idea of getting their creativeness on. Just as equally as being so busy it’s often a time issue to hit up the shops, then the added expense of gift wrapping paper and the selection process of choosing the right card. 

So this website is dedicated for those people who are time poor but still incredibly thoughtful and caring, or who just want to WOW but don’t know how. We make it hassle free with our online gifts and in fact all you need to do is think of the right words to say in a message. Easy Peasy!

At Happygram we love to get creative with unique gift ideas that we know will make anyone who receives one very happy indeed.

Have fun sending out a little Happygram and if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you. [email protected]

Amanda xx