Everyone knows what it feels like to receive a gift especially an unexpected one. It makes us feel happy, loved, appreciated, special and a whole host of other positive feelings and emotions. But did you know that the giver of the actual gift feels even better than the receiver. I know, crazy right! I promise though, its true and it’s even been proven by science.

Giving a gift to someone would seem to be a selfless act (altruism) but as science shows there is actually no such thing. When we give without expecting anything back our psychological health is improved. We experience an emotional high even when searching for a gift and on actually giving the gift we are filled with a sense of great satisfaction. The feelings expressed between both parties reinforce appreciation and recognition of each other and thus both giver and receiver are left feeling fulfilled.

Studies have also shown people who spend money on others are much happier than people who spend money on themselves. So although the givers intention may be a selfless act they are always going to be rewarded with positive emotions.

It looks like there might be a lot of truth in the saying ‘Better to give than receive’ considering the psychological benefits.

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