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04 Jun How To Show You Care
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Ever wonder how you can show the important people in your life just how important they are to you? Here is a quick and easy way how to show you care a..
03 Jun 4 Science Proven Ways To Be Happy
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1: Ask Yourself One Simple QuestionWhy are you feeling down? Why are you feeling guilty or ashamed? Sometimes it seems like your brain doesn’t want yo..
29 May Why Surprise Gifts Are So Amazing
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The Surprise SequenceWhen you are surprised by someone or something it triggers the surprise sequence in your brain. Suddenly your senses are on high ..
29 May We Make You Look Good!
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As wonderful as it is to receive a gift on a birthday or some other special day, there really is nothing better that receiving a gift when you weren’t..
29 May Welcome to our first blog for Happygram
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I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of matching a good gift to someone special. I love the planning and prepping but I can appreciate that many others f..
29 May Why we enjoy giving (and you should too!)
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Everyone knows what it feels like to receive a gift especially an unexpected one. It makes us feel happy, loved, appreciated, special and a whole host..
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